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It's my understanding that America Online 3.0 does not allow users to run their own CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script. It's also my understanding that in order to create mapped portions of a single graphic web page, one must use a program that generated a map file. Does the map file need a CGI script to run? Is there a way I can create a mappable web page here on AOL?

Fortunately, the Web Server that America Online uses supports Imagemaps without having to use a seperate Imagemap program.

  1. You need to create your map file and upload it, along with your .gif (graphic).
  2. Then use the following hypertext to point to it:
  3. <A HREF="yourmap.map"><IMG ISMAP SRC="yourpic.gif"></A>

That's it! Let us know if you have any problems with your execution.

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