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My web address is too long for people to remember. How can I shorten it?

If your web address is too long (example: http://www.eliteweb.com/yourusername/homepage.htm), here is a great way to shorten the address that you give people, and still allow them direct access to your "homepage.htm."

  • Locate the fist page of your web site. This will be the page that you wish your web site visitors to start on. Rename the file from it's existing name to "index.html" but don't use any quotation marks. Example, if your first page is called "homepage.htm" rename it to "index.html." Now when you give your web address, you will only need to give http://www.eliteweb.com/yourusername. When someone attempts to visit your web site, but hasn't entered a specific file (as homepage.htm), your computer server will look in your directory to see if you have an "index.html" file and will load it as your first page.

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