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Are there any other services to submit your new web pages to search engines, besides Submit It?


As for companies that submit you to search engines for free, the best that I know of is Scott Bannister's-SUBMIT IT:

You might also want to try THE POSTMASTER at:

The biggest and most costly mistake that a company bringing their business to the Internet can make is submitting their web address to Search Engines, without proper coding.

  • Each Search Engine uses it's own sophisticated method of deciding which listings get top billing on a search, and which ones get placed down at number 127,445. Obviously, the top 20 to 25 listings will always have the best chance of getting Internet surfers to visit their web sites.
  • Elite Web Design & Marketing can code your web site for optimum potential of being discovered and listed as high up on your search criteria as possible. The majority of our clients have top billing on most ever Search Engine submitted to, in no small part due to the proper coding of their web site.

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