FREE WEB PAGE!: Have you been considering bringing your business to the World Wide Web? Well... wait no more! Elite Web Design & Marketing would like to be your web consulting, design and marketing company for many years to come. With that in mind, we offer all small businesses One Free Web Page to help them get acquainted with the Internet and World Wide Web. Can we build one for you?

This offer is subject to conditions and may be withdrawn without prior notice (but we'll try to keep up with the demand!).

Here is what we will provide you:
  • 1 Standard Web Page (640 x 480 pixels).
  • Graphics - We will scan up to two graphics for you. Your business logo and one photo of your product would be suggested.
  • Up to six "links" to exterior web pages, of your choice.
  • One "e-mail" link, which will provide a prospective customer the ability to send you comments or questions with.
  • One basic background color or background pattern.
  • One basic "hit counter" which will allow you to keep track of the number of times your web site has been visited.
     Yes! I would like to have a FREE web page. 
   All of the information below is
   required for us to process your request.
 E-Mail:  (Required to submit)
   City:  State: Zip: 
Daytime Phone - Area Code:  Number:  
Evening Phone - Area Code:  Number: 

1) What would you like the TITLE of your
   web page to be?  Example:  "Welcome to
   XYZ Real Estate"

2) What "Keywords" would someone use to describe
   your business or non-profit organization with?
   Example: A Dentist could be found using "keywords"
   like "teeth, periodontal, Doctor," etc. Try to
   list as many "keywords" as possible - separating
   each with a comma. 14 words maximum.

3) Please type no more than 250 words of text,
   as you would like it to appear on your web

4) Do you have any places on the Internet that
   you would like to "link" your web page to?
   Example: Another company that you do business
   with, an Internet Search Engine, etc.  Please
   type in the complete URL (Universal Resource
   Locator - or web address).

5) Please enter your Electronic Mail address
   that you would like your web page visitors
   to respond to:  

6) Would you like a "hit counter" on your web
   page?  Hit counters are used to measure how
   often your web page is accessed.  Hit counters
   provided upon availability.   Yes     No

7) Do you currently have web server space to house
   your web page?  As an example, America Online
   offers each of it's members web server space at
   no extra charge.    Yes     No

8) If you answered NO to the above question, you will
   need web server space to house your web site.
   Think of it as a store front location leased from
   a commercial center to house your business.  Elite
   Web Design & Marketing can provide you with space
   to house your web site, as well as uploading all
   of your files for you.  Our monthly web site
   storage and service charge is $29.95.  Would you
   like us to maintain your web page on our web
    Yes     No  

Please read our terms and conditions carefully.  By
accepting our FREE Web Page offer, you are accepting
our terms and conditions.

1) Offer is valid for a limited time and may be withdrawn without prior notice.

2) Offer is good to end-users only. Free web page(s) can not be re-sold or given to a 3rd party.

3) Client is aware that Elite Web Design & Marketing (herein after referred to as Elite) paying customers will always receive priority and that estimated completion dates provided Client by Elite's employees are not to be considered a guaranteed completion date.

4) Client agrees that Client is responsible for uploading any and all information to Client's web site, unless otherwise contracted between Client and Elite.

5) Client is aware that the choice of the counter used in Clients Free Web Page is up to the discretion of Elite and that counter is subject to availability.

6) Client is aware that Elite will only provide a link to Client's existing Electronic Mail address, and will not be providing Client with an Electronic Mail address.

Disclaimer of Warranties, Reservation of Rights and Limitations of Elite's Liability

1) Elite intends to use it's best efforts to ensure all Internet Web pages are published in accordance with this agreement. However, Elite acknowledges and Client agrees that mishaps, including but not limited to errors, omissions, and delays may occur. Business is accepted and conducted by Elite only upon the basis that Elite is under no liability in such a case, except as provided herein.

Copyrights and Trademarks

1) Client assumes full responsibility for and warrants that it is the owner of or is entitled to use any copyrights, trademarks and tradenames in its web pages. Client agrees to defend and indemnify Elite from all claims, losses and judgements arising from or claimed to have arisen from the use of trademarks or names, together with any expenses, attorney fees and court costs incurred by Elite.

2) Client warrants that it is authorized to engage in the business or profession described in the web pages. Client agrees to defend, indemnify and save Elite harmless for any and all damages arising from any claims that do not meet the requirements of state or federal laws prohibiting false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading advertising, or that otherwise fails to comply with any other standard applicable to Client.

Elite's Reservation of Rights

1) Elite shall have the sole ownership of any copyright pertaining to said web pages. Elite may permit others to copy, link to, or reproduce its directories in whole or in part, including those in which said web pages appear.

2) The illustrations, copy, clips, composition, underlying HTML scripts, and other art work, excluding registered trademarks, service marks, and art work and existing copyright owned by another, used in preparation of the web pages are the property of Elite, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both Elite and Client. Client agrees the web pages may not be reproduced or assigned for reproduction, in whole or in part, without the prior express written consent of Elite.

3) Client is granted perpetual, non-exclusive right to web pages and content of said web pages. Client agrees to notify Elite in the event that any modifications are made to original pages. Client shall not remove any references to copyright, creation/creator credits and/or links to Elite's Uniform Resource Locator address (URL), known collectively as Elite's web site. Elite reserves the right and Client agrees to allow Elite to edit said copyright information, creation/creator credits and/or links to Elite's URL address at any time and in any fashion, including but not limited to assignment of copyright ownership or removal of copyright information, creation/creator credits and/or links to Elite's URL address.

©1996 Elite Web Design & Marketing. All Rights Reserved General Information available by contacting: info@eliteweb.com

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