INTERNET MARKETING: The Internet has quickly become the marketing medium of choice! With over 40 million viewers world wide, no marketing medium captures one's attention and imagination like the Internet and World Wide Web. In order for a web site to be effective, it has to have an audience. Our Internet marketing options are geared to provide your web site with the largest audience possible!

  • Internet Search Engines like Yahoo, Web Crawler, Excite, and Infoseek are the telephone directories of the Internet. If you need to find something on the Internet, chances are you will be using one!.
  • We can make them work to your advantage. It's important to have your business listed within the top 25 of any listings under your related fields. While no one can guarantee your placement, our track record speaks for itself. Ask us for a private listing of our "Top 25" client listings.
  • Designed to create a forum for people to read and discuss topics of a central theme, news groups have quickly become the most effective way of offering products and/or services to a highly targeted market.
  • With literally tens of thousands of news groups world wide, it helps to have an experienced marketing team that can direct your message to the right target markets.
  • The largest single mistake any Internet business can make, is not building a prospect base. While all businesses would like their prospects to buy immediately, over 80% of your prospects will buy your product/service within 2 years of their initial inquiry, and often from a competitor. We can build a database of your prospects, and even direct e-mail your mailing list for you with your future advertisements and/or informational pieces.
  • People on the Internet are the same as people in the "real world." They like to buy from people they trust. A consistent direct marketing campaign to your prospect list builds credibility.
There are literally dozens of effective ways to bring Internet users to your web site. We have briefly discussed a few popular methods of Internet marketing. Our marketing staff will be happy to discuss your particular needs.
Take a look at our most popular services, bundled into easy-to-use "Business Solution Packages," designed to place your business on the Internet within a few short weeks.
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