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Our First Web Site Graphic
Miniature of the first "Home Page" graphic we ever designed.
Elite Web Design & Marketing opened it's doors for business on July 15, 1996. Our staff, however, are no newcomers to the World Wide Web Design & Marketing business. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Undiscovered Territory, WWW Design & Marketing, and have been designing web sites since early in 1995, around the time of the Internet pioneers.
Quality work, attention to detail, and personal service have brought us much referral business. With a consistently growing demand, it may be tempting for some Internet providing businesses to grow quickly. In order to guarantee the quality of our work, we have chosen to grow at a managed rate. We think you will approve.
Our prospective clients often ask us, "What qualifications does one have to have to call themselves a 'Web Designer?'" Well, the truth is that there are NO industry policing agents (yet), nor any mandatory educational requirements. This means it is extremely important to fully interview any prospective companies that you may chose to work with on the Internet. We recommend several safeguards:
  1. Look for this logo displayed by qualified web designers world wide. Proud Member of the HTML Writers GuildWhile membership in the Hyper Text Markup Language Writers Guild doesn't guarantee quality web design, it does signify a company or individual that is striving to offer high quality web design. Elite Web Design and Marketing is a proud member of the HTML Writers Guild.
  2. Ask to see completed work. Ask yourself, "Would I buy something from this web site?" If the answer is NO, you might not get the effective web site you are looking for.
  3. Avoid companies that use PO Boxes. As with any business, make sure you can find this person/company after they have received your check.
  4. Most importantly of all, speak to the customers and clients of any firm or individual you interview. Most web sites offer an e-mail link back to the owner. Drop them a note and ask if they are pleased with the results. The Internet is quickly becoming a breeding ground for unethical marketeer's world wide. If they haven't lived up to their promises with their past customers, don't expect any better treatment.
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