• Conception and Planning - We will consult with you and your staff to ease the transition to WWW business transacting.
    • Business Identity counseling.
    • Logo conception and design.
    • Niche and competitor analysis.
    • Web site graphic design conception.
  • Development and Implementation - Our design team has years of experience in layout and design.
    • Construction of custom graphics.
    • Scanning of existing graphics and/or logo.
    • HTML 2.0 and 3.0 design and construction.
    • Interactive form design and construction.
    • Electronic mail inclusion.
    • CGI scripting in Pearl and Javascript.
  • Train and Support - We know the importance of service! Our staff will always be available for you.
  • Market and Promote - Build it... and they will come. Unfortunately this doesn't hold true for the Internet and World Wide Web.
    • We have a track record of placing our clients in the "Top" 5 of at least one major Internet Search Engine. Many even have several "Top" 1 placements out of up to hundreds of thousands of other competing listings. While no one can guarantee such placements, our track record speaks for itself.
    • Create and implement effective advertising and marketing campaigns, both Institutional and Direct.
    • Create databases of your prospects, from our marketing, and create targeted direct e-mail campaigns for them.
    • Provide you with detailed feedback of visitors to your web site, to strengthen and target your advertising and marketing campaigns.
    • Writing effective ad copy, to increase your prospect to customer ratio.
In order to help you choose the right products and services for your individual business, we have created our Business Solution Packages. Simply put, our Business Solution Packages are grouped web design and Internet marketing products and services that are most often requested as well as most effective. We have a package that's right for most any business.

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