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How do I create an "Incoming" directory when using America Online?

To upload files to your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site on America Online, otherwise known as your MY PLACE site, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log on to the screen name that you wish to upload files to. If you need to create a new screen name for your web site, see our CREATING NEW SCREEN NAMES instructions.
  2. Once you are logged on to America Online, press and hold down the Control Button (Ctrl) and press the the letter "K". This will open a dialog box called KEYWORD for you. In the empty dialog box, type in the words MY PLACE, and press OK or Return.
  3. Once in your MY PLACE directory, use your mouse to click on the "Create Directory" button near the bottom of the screen. In the empty box that appears, type in lower case "incoming." DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS. Press OK or Return.

Congratulations! You have now created a directory that can be uploaded to. Keep in mind that ANYONE can upload to this directory, and that you should monitor this directory to ensure that unwanted files are not uploaded by people you don't know.

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