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How do I create a new screen name when using America Online?

For your web site, if you would like to use a screen name that you have already created, please go directly to our Creating an INCOMING directory instructions page. An INCOMING directory will be necessary if you would like us to "upload" the files that we create for you directly to your web site.

Each America Online account can have up to 5 screen names at any one time. The screen name you chose when you first signed on is your Primary (or Master) account and cannot be deleted or changed. but the other 4 can be changed at any time.

  1. CREATING A NEW SCREEN NAME - To create a new screen name, type in "Names" in the KEYWORD box (hold down the Control button and press the letter "k" to get a KEYWORD screen). Then, double click on "Create a Screen Name."
  2. Screen names can be from 3 to 10 characters (letters, numbers and/or spaces). The first character in the screen name must be a letter, and will be capitalized automatically. If the name is already in use by another account or is a restricted name, you will be prompted to select another name. When you create a screen name, this information will be added to your copy of America Online on your hard drive.
  3. To use your new screen name, you must first sign off and then sign back on to America Online. You'll see the new name in the "Screen Name" list on the offline sign-on screen.
  4. DELETING A SCREEN NAME - To delete a screen name, select "Delete a Screen Name" from the previous menu. Remember, you cannot delete your Primary screen name.
  5. IMPORTANT - Once you delete a screen name, the name cannot be re-created or reinstated.

If you need instructions on creating an INCOMING directory for files to be uploaded to by The Undiscovered Territory, take a look at our Creating an INCOMING DIRECTORY instructions page

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